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Custom E-Liquid

Custom E-liquid at Liquidable

Liquidable at our core creates some fantastic bespoke e-liquid that is sold under many brands in the UK. Because we are a white-label company, most of our customers appreciate anonymity when it comes to their brand.

Some of our established custom e-liquid has been nominated for several awards at the prestigious Vape Expo and other expos throughout the UK.

Creating custom e-liquid with Liquidable couldn’t be any easier, here is a full break-down step by step of our process.

  • Project proposal stage, discussion of expectations with the client
    Example: Shortfil Range, Fruits with strong menthol kick, 60ml Black Chubby bottle, Foil label. (Designs are discussed with your account manager, whether you want a minimalist design or the works).
  • Flavour picking, our mixologist gives a list of potential flavours available to create with your project proposal in mind.
  • First versions created, your first bespoke e-liquid is in the making, our flavour chef is working hard to create the first versions of the liquid, these are sampled internally with your account manager and flavour chef. Once these versions have been accepted, they are sent to the client for the first round of feedback.
  • The prior stage is replicated for Versions 1, 2 and 3. On the 3rd version we have full feedback conference with your account manager and flavour chef (or come and spend the day with the team)
  • Pricing discussed, as we have over 500 concentrates in our facility, all these come at varying prices. When the range has been developed, we can then cost exercise the project.
  • First order placed – Congratulations…You are well on your way to creating a well established bespoke / custom e-liquid.

We can also create your perfect custom flavour if its not already in our inventory.  Liquidable will guide you through every step of the process when it comes to creating custom e-liquid but there are extra costs and steps that come with this so we recommend you contact us to discuss if this is something you are interested in.

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Custom E-Liquid
Custom E-Liquid