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LIQUIDABLE is your one-stop partner for all things E-Liquid.

Since 2018 we have grown in continuous cooperation with our customers to become one of the leading providers in the vaping industry. We proudly believe that our customers’ progress is the best measure of success for us and the only way for us to steadily advance as a company. Therefore, we aim to provide a well-rounded, comprehensive set of solutions for our Independent Vape Store Owners that is suitable for individual needs at minimum cost and effort for them.
We are based in Greater Manchester and have built a UK supplier network which allows for quick re-stock of consumable materials on our end and quick turnaround times for our customers. Through continued conversation regarding the impact of Covid and Brexit on the worldwide supply network with our trusted partners, we ensure that we are aware of developments and can act accordingly, staying one step ahead so that you do not have to worry. And with flavour creation, account management, production, and design all under one roof, everything you need is just one call away.
These values have allowed us to grow into one of the most trusted suppliers in our industry, moving into bigger premises, employing and developing more staff, and helping more stores on their brand journey. Here is our company journey from 2018 to now:

Follow our story below!

February 2018THE START

As so many, our owner Luke created our first bottle of Eliquid with little means and big dreams for the industry.

February 2019FIRST UNIT

Luke and three members of staff moved into a 2000sqft unit in Hyde (Greater Manchester). We all start small, don’t we.


Still small in production, we took our big hopes and created a bespoke Order Management System, that would be able to support hundreds of customers from brand design to invoicing.

October 2019GROWING TEAM

To accommodate and ever growing business, we hired our first dedicated white-label accounts manager (hi, Ben!), which allowed us to develop new and exiting brands that are now staples with customers nationwide.


From October to then, our white-label customer base had grown to over 25 accounts, with over a hundred brands on our system. These customers where supported by our LIQUIDABLE team of 7 staff members.


We moved our business – and by then 10 members of staff – into a new 13,500sqft facility in Stockport, which we fully customised to our purpose. This enabled us to increase stock, reduce turnaround times and take on even more customers.


Having fully automated our TPD and shortfill lines with British machinery, we managed to increase our business capacity even more, making processes quicker and more fluent for our team and our customers.


Despite Covid-19, we continued to develop our business by supporting our existing partners and exponentially extending our customer base. Working cosely with suppliers, shops and by now over 15 members of staff, we became one of the few companies in our industry to not only continue supply but to improve business relations and customer satisfaction!


We expanded our TPD range to 55 flavours, in addition to our 100 flavour shortfill line. There truly is something for everyone here at LIQUIDABLE.

April 2021UK WIDE

As the country eased the lock-down restrictions, we saw an incredible increase in business, both from our existing customers that we helped through 2020 as well as new businesses joining us. And through our new team of representatives across the UK we made our process for our Scottish, Welsh and Irish customers just that much easier.

June 2021LIQUIDABLE 2.0

Based on our relations with customers and their kind feedback, we re-branded LIQUIDABLE to truly represent what we stand for: Modern, Comprehensive and Approachable. This was most noticeable on our new Website and our Monthly Newsletter.

We hope to continue our growth through the support we give to our customers every day. Any feedback is highly appreciated, please get in touch here