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How to Refill a Vape Tank

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How to refill a vape tank / pod

Refilling your vape pod or tank is a easy process once you have done it a few times. Standard Vape Tanks can come in both top-fil and bottom-fill variants, each tank will be different. Pods usually have a rubber-bung on the side / top or bottom which you will pull out and fill. Some pods you completely remove the mouthpiece to fill, be careful not to fill e-liquid directly into the coil or air hole. Diagrams are usually given in boxes when you purchase a tank or pod.

Pod Mods

There are a few types of Pod mods, firstly the side fill option usually has a rubber bung / plug preventing the backflow of liquid. Simply locate on the side of the pod the rubber accessory and pull with the tip of your finger to release one side. You should be able to comfortably fit a 10ml bottle nozzle into this opening, fill to the fill line marked usually on the front / back of the pod.

The second type of pod-mod may open via the mouthpiece. Some mods such as the Caliburn by Voopoo open by pulling the mouthpiece off from the pod revealing three different holes to fill.
The two holes on the sides are the important ones, one being a air hole to release pressure in the pod and the other side is the filling port. These are usually indicated by a different colour O-ring around the base of the port. The middle hole is usually the coils air intake, please do not put liquid down the centre of the port, this can result in your pod gurgling and leaking. Always check in your box for instruction manuals or a diagram which can be helpful in filling and replacing aspects of your pod. If all else fails, simply contact the seller of the pod and ask for some advice.

Top fill tanks

To refill a top fill tank, you simply remove it from the body of your device, hold the base of the tank and unscrew the top portion. You can usually see where the thread begins to unscrew by locating the airflow at the bottom of the tank, unscrewing your tank will reveal an internal glass / Pyrex tank and a coil. Refill the liquid until the fill line indicated or just below the where the coil opening begins. Be careful not to overfill your tank, this may result in e-liquid being directly poured into the centre of the coil which can result in leaking and gurgling.

Cleaning your tank

It is important to regularly clean your device to ensure its prolonged life. For tanks, take it off the base of your device and use a cotton-bud to clean the inside of the 510 pin and the airholes in the side of the tank. Podmods it is important to regularly clean the inside where the pins are, try to scoop up any excess e-liquid.

Replacing / Changing a coil

It is completely subjective on when to change a coil, some users prefer to change a coil before you lose any flavour, and some users wait until they can’t stand it anymore! We recommend you change your coil as you start to notice the flavour change, it starts to leak more than usual, or the coil isn’t being read by the ohmage meter on your device. If you are struggling to change your coil, please contact the store you bought it from, the advice you will receive in a physical store will be much more helpful than a generic guide online. All vape devices are different in their own way and the guide published here is generic for most tanks but not all tanks.