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A Review of 2023: Another Year in Vape

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Review of 2023: Another Year in Vape

Review of 2023

Another has passed. All to quickly for some and not quick enough for others. Now that the dust has settled after all the Christmas and New Year festivities, we wanted to take a look back over the last 12 months and do a review of 2023. Looking at what changed for us, vaping in the UK and of course, the UK Governments consultation.

New Bottles

Given the significance of this change here at Liquidable, it seems like the most appropriate place to start. Changing over to the Chubby Gorilla Unicorn 10ml bottles was one that we didn’t take lightly. It meant changing phasing out the old bottles, re-tooling our machinery and supporting brand owners in any way we could. Such as tweaking label designs. Change can be daunting but it was undoubtedly a positive transition. Not only do they look better but they are more sturdy, with a secure child-proof cap and provide a smooth flow of e-liquid out of the nozzle. Another important factor for many of our white label customers, is that they are the preferred bottle choice for many vape distributors. Meaning that there is a higher a change of getting your product in to those outlets, if that is one of your routes to market.

The switch to the Reducer Nic Shot bottles is also a positive change. They make adding nic shots much easier for consumers. Just slide it on top of the shortfill and do a little squeezing. No more popping nozzles off and making a mess.

The changes caused a little disruption, as was expected, but we truly believe the change is positive.

New Flavours

In 2023, we introduce more new flavours to our roster and we have been getting great feedback from them. On a personal note, Apple Pear Peach is my favourite but that isn’t to say the others are really good too. Moving forward, our Mixologist is consistently playing with flavours and looking to find the next taste sensation. This process takes time and money. Getting new freebase and salt flavours is a costly exercise and waiting on the MHRA to approve them takes time. However, it won’t stop us innovating and bringing you new flavours.

Devices, Pods and Coils

In late 2022 we started to stock our first hardware products. In 2023, we increased our range of available devices. We’re big Oxva fans but haven’t stopped there. We now also have Vaporesso, Uwell and Aspire vape kits available.

UK Governments Consultation


We couldn’t possibly write a review of 2023 without mentioning this. It has the potential to be the biggest change in the vape industry for a good few years. It you weren’t aware, the government is looking to change legislation regarding smoking and vaping. With regards to smoking cigarettes, in October 2023, the Prime Minister (Rishi Sunak) announced that anyone born after 1st January 2009 will not be able to legally buy cigarettes. How this will work: the age at which someone can legally purchase cigarettes will increase year on year. This will eventually eradicate smoking in the UK. This is no bad thing, given the devastating affect that smoking cigarettes has on peoples health.


On the vaping front, no set plans have been announced. A consultation was performed where anyone, whether you’re for or against vaping, work in the industry or don’t, could complete a series of questions about proposals being put forward. The proposals included things like; plain packaging, limiting flavours names, restricting flavours, should disposable vapes be banned and additional taxes. Whether the government already has a plan laid out and this consultation was simply lip service, we don’t know. Changes are coming for the industry though and we will be there to support shop owners throughout the process. Although there is likely to be some painful changes in the short term, there is likely to be opportunities too. The governments own detailed report states that vaping is a great smoking cessation tool that it approximately 95% safer than smoking. A complete ban will not happen. Furthermore, any bans and restrictions of disposables is no bad thing either. Their impact on youth vaping and the negative effects on the environment cannot be ignored. Thankfully, refillable, reusable, greener devices have been the life blood of the vape industry for years. The solution is already here!

What next?

In 2024, we will continue to provide the best possible service. A personable approach and quick dispatch times are always at the forefront of what we do. This won’t change.

We are looking to bring new flavours. As mentioned above, this takes time but rest assured, it is something that we continually work on. New hardware will be on the way too. We will also be introducing an easier method to place orders for devices. Keep you eyes peeled for this!

As and when changes in legislation come in to play, we will adapt as needed. Whatever those changes may be. We will support any vape store or brand owners throughout the process and as soon as announcements are made we will get to work, ensuring we all remain compliant.

Finally, to end our review of 2023, we want to wish you all the best for the year ahead! As always, if you need anything just reach out to your account manager.