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The power of White Label E liquid and how it can help your business

Liquidable Ltd > Blog > The power of White Label E liquid and how it can help your business

Vaping products have dramatically risen in popularity over the last few years and currently it is estimated that 2.7 million adults vape in the UK market.

What is White label branding ?

White label branding or white label e liquid refers to a product that is made by one company and sold by another to the end user. In the vaping industry one company usually a manufacturer (like us at Liquidable) will remove their branding from bottles giving you the ability to add your own logos and labels to the product. These “white label” products can then be bought by store owners, online retailers and the like so they can customise the product with their own branding and sell it to their respective customers.

What are the benefits of white label e liquid ?

More than anything white label e liquid can reinforce and boost the visibility of your brand, whether that be the store brand itself or something completely new. It instantly boosts public awareness of your brand.

By working with manufacturers like Liquidable, you can take advantage of our expertly crafted in house flavours without having to pay to create your own liquid from scratch. Creating e liquid is an art form, we at Liquidable are proud of the flavours we sell, expertly crafted by our in-house flavour chef. All 10ml TPD registered products sold by Liquidable have a provably transparent UK supply chain, ensuring the highest quality product for your end customer and most importantly, for you the brand owner. Look no further than Liquidable for your white label e liquid needs, have confidence in our ability to create something truly unique for you and your customers. www.liquidable.co.uk We have over 100 different flavours in shortfills and over 60 available in our 10ml range. www.liquidable.co.uk/eliquids