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What is white label e liquid?

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White label e liquid bottle

The use of vaping products has been more widespread recently. Approximately 3.2 million adults in the UK alone are thought to vape currently.

Businesses that sell vape products must use every effort to differentiate themselves from the competitors in an expanding market.
We’ll go over exactly what white labels are in this article and how your vape business can benefit from them.

White Label Branding: What Is It?

Products that are manufactured by one business and then sold by another are referred to as white label branding.
When one manufacturer of vape products removes their trademarks and labelling from the final product, it is known as in the vaping industry (such as vape flavours). A vendor of these goods can then purchase these “white label” products and modify them with their own branding.

If you run a vape business, you may purchase e-liquids and flavours from a supplier that employs white label branding, then design your own labels and put your company name on the bottle.

What Advantages Do White Label E-Liquid Brands Offer?

White labelling is advantageous for your vape business for a variety of reasons, among them:

It can increase the visibility of your brand because it allows you to put your own branding on your own items, which immediately raises the profile of your business by raising consumer awareness of your brand.

You can benefit from expert flavours because creating vape flavours requires time and expertise.

You can guarantee that all of your items are professionally made and have gone through layers of flavour testing by using white label e liquid services without having to spend money developing your own flavours.
You can still brand the goods with your company name and they will still be of a high standard, prepared with the best ingredients, and produced in accordance with the law.

You have a choice when purchasing vape fluids from a private label e-liquid manufacturer since you may pick the ideal flavours for your business. White label e liquid businesses can produce hundreds of various flavours, giving you and your consumers more options.

Purchase White Label E-Liquids from the UK Today

  • Choose Liquidable if you’re seeking for a reliable white label e-liquid supplier.
  • You may personalise more than 100 distinct flavours with your own brand.
  • Order your own own premium vape juices for your company today through Liquidable.

We are able to design distinctive trademarks, logos, and labels that not only elevate your company’s reputation but also have a positive impact on sales. We might provide this as a different service, but we prefer to keep our distinctive designs as distinctive as possible. We would much rather give you something truly unique than design our products only to mass produce them. We’ll assist you in creating your brand from start to finish for free if you purchase or bottle your wholesale e-liquids from us.

What Is White Label, Exactly?

A saleable product without branding is referred to as a white label (or private label) product. Then, businesses can purchase this product, brand it with their logo, and market it to customers as their own. For businesses without the ability to produce their own goods, white labelling is an entirely legal approach to expand their product line and develop their own brands.

What is the process when using Liquidable?

Your chosen E Liquid will be created by our skilled mixologists once you’ve selected your flavours from our comprehensive flavour range. Our design and marketing team will then build a label for your chosen E Liquid according to your unique needs.
Uncertain of your requirements?
No issue!
We have established brands of our own, but if you want to add your own flair, we’ll walk you through the design process step by step and help you create something that truly embodies your business.

We are there at every stage of the process as an OEM White Label brand, from the very beginning to the very end.
By doing this, we can guarantee complete consistency in both the quality of our products and services.

White Label Collaboration

We take pride in our low minimum order quantities, unlike most White Label services that make you sign a lengthy contract committing you to a certain amount of E-liquid before you even know how well it sells.
Starting with a MOQ of 20 bottles, we can provide you with any period of White Label relationship you may require.
We have what you need, whether you’re looking for a single item, a consistent supply of E Liquid, or a new range every week.

What Separates White Label from Private Label Products?

The distinction between White Label and Private Label is very subtle.
Private Label products will only be sold to one company, while White Label products are accessible for purchase by any company.
For instance, a third party company produces products under the Aldi brand,” but will only sell them to Aldi.
Because of this, Aldi can produce their own line for a lot less money than it would cost to build the infrastructure needed to manufacture independently.

Therefore, while everyone of our clients has access to all of our flavours, you can be confident that your own distinctive design will be reserved just for you.

Liquidable, The Flavours Experts

You can be sure to find the perfect juices for your needs among our 100 shortfill flavours, over 50 freebase flavours as well as over 20 nicotine salt flavours.
Additionally, we offer brand-new flavours each month, giving you a constant supply of possibilities to broaden your selection.


Contact us today to enquire about setting up your own brand.