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Government’s Plan to Create a Smoke-Free Generation

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UK Government Takes Bold Steps Towards a Smoke-Free Generation

Government’s Plan to Create a Smoke-Free Generation: How It Affects Vaping and What It Means for Our Children


The UK government has taken a significant step towards creating a smoke-free generation by announcing a public consultation aimed at addressing the growing concern of youth vaping. In this blog post, we will explore the details of this public consultation and discuss its potential impact on vaping, especially for our children.

The Public Consultation

The government’s public consultation, launched on October 12, 2023, is open to people of all ages in the UK. It aims to collect views and opinions on measures to reduce the appeal, affordability, and availability of vapes to young individuals. The consultation, which will run for 8 weeks, includes proposals to restrict child-friendly flavours and vibrant packaging that may attract young users.

The Prime Minister’s Vision

Last week, the Prime Minister unveiled a groundbreaking proposal to create the first ‘smoke-free generation.’ Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the UK. Costing both lives and billions of pounds in economic and societal costs each year. This new law will prevent anyone born on or after January 1, 2009, from legally purchasing tobacco products. While this ambitious plan is designed to combat smoking, it also addresses concerns about the rapid rise of youth vaping.

Rising Concerns about Youth Vaping

The alarming increase in youth vaping has raised concerns. Over the last three years, youth vaping has tripled, with one in five children reporting the use of vapes. Vaping is considered a valuable tool for adults looking to quit smoking. However, the health advice is clear: if you don’t smoke, you shouldn’t vape, and children should never vape.

Proposals Under Consideration

The public consultation encompasses several key proposals:

  1. Restricting Flavours and Descriptions: There are plans to limit the availability of child-friendly vape flavours and descriptions that may appeal to young users.
  2. Regulating Point of Sale Displays: Retail outlets will be required to keep vapes out of sight from children and away from products that attract them.
  3. Vape Packaging and Presentation: Both the device and its packaging should not be designed to target children.
  4. Disposable Vapes: Considering restrictions on disposable vapes, which are not only attractive to children but also harmful to the environment.
  5. Non-Nicotine Vapes and Nicotine Products: Exploring further restrictions on non-nicotine vapes and other nicotine consumer products.
  6. Price Increase: Investigating whether increasing the price of vapes will reduce the number of young people using them.
  7. Powers for Local Authorities: Introducing new powers for local authorities to issue on-the-spot fines to enforce age of sale legislation.

The Widespread Support

The public consultation has garnered substantial support from various quarters. Including the Welsh Government, Scottish Government, and the Department of Health in Northern Ireland. Joint consultations between these entities are expected to contribute to the creation of a smoke-free generation.

A Balanced Approach

It’s essential to strike a balance between protecting children from vaping and supporting adult smokers in their journey to quit smoking. Vaping, while less harmful than smoking, still carries risks and can be addictive. Marketing vapes to children is unacceptable, given the addictive nature of nicotine and the unknown long-term effects of vaping.

The Potential of Vaping as a Smoking Cessation Tool

It’s important to note that vaping, based on current evidence, is far less harmful than smoking. It can serve as a valuable tool for smokers looking to quit. The government is rightly considering the impact of these changes on those who use e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid.

The Environmental Impact

The introduction of cheap and accessible disposable vape products is causing significant environmental harm. Disposable vapes have undeniably led to a surge in waste, with millions being discarded weekly. This poses a serious threat to the environment and necessitates urgent action.


Finally, the government’s commitment to creating a smoke-free generation is commendable. The public consultation on vaping aims to address the concerns of youth vaping while ensuring that adults who wish to quit smoking receive support. It is crucial to find a balance between protecting our children and aiding smokers in their transition away from traditional cigarettes. The future of vaping in the UK is being shaped by these initiatives, and it is vital for all stakeholders to contribute to this important discussion.

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