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UK Smoking and Vaping consultation is now LIVE!

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The UK Governments Smoking and Vaping Consultation is now love!

UK Smoking and Vaping consultation is now LIVE!

The link below will take you to the vaping consultation submission form:
How has your store been affected and how could it be affected if all of the proposals come in to play? Here are the proposals being consulted:

  • restricting vape flavours
  • regulating vape packaging and product presentation
  • regulating point of sale displays
  • restricting the supply and sale of disposable vapes
  • exploring further restrictions for non-nicotine vapes and other nicotine consumer products such as nicotine pouches
  • action on the affordability of vapes, exploring a new duty on vapes

As an industry we should stand up and speak about vaping.


Disposable Devices

Firstly, disposable vapes are the greatest threat to our sector. Which is why this consultation was originally launched in the first place. Here are some of our thoughts.
(A) For the retention and inspection of imported products, all imported disposable devices must pass through a customs-controlled warehouse / bonded warehouse.
(B) Single-use disposable vapes should be subject to an excise charge to discourage their purchase. This tax should be greater than the originally proposed £4 levy. Which was intended to make disposables “the same price as reusable vapes”. Instead, they should be considerably more expensive. Deterring both children and adults from using these single-use disposable devices.
(C) Complete prohibition on single use disposable e-cigarettes with an internal battery.

Flavoured Vapes discussion

Flavoured Vapes have been mentioned in the consultation.
We recognise that in order for someone to quit smoking, they do not necessarily need to use a fruity or sweet flavour, and that tobacco or menthol could undoubtedly work as well. However, for a large number of vapers, the fruity, sweet, and citrus flavours are what keep them vaping. So, the prohibition or imposition of strict laws on flavours will have a significant impact on the fall in smoking rates. In the event that flavour strict flavour bans are imposed, smokers may be hesitant to stop if their options are limited to tobacco and menthol flavours.

Flavoured vapes are not the problem. Flavoured disposable vapes in the hands of youths are the problem. Tackle the first and a flavour ban is not required.


Packaging should be bright and vibrant, but it should not be aimed at children. Disposable packaging and plastics should not be designed to appeal to youngsters. However, as common sense suggests, packaging is not the determining factor as to whether a young person decides to vape or not. There are a whole host of social issues at play. Although packaging may persuade someone to buy one vape over another, it seems unlikely to be the reason that they were looking to buy a vape device in the first place.

Overall Thoughts

In conclusion, because the NHS is publicly funded, sending a message to the world that flavours should be restricted or banned will only place a further strain on the healthcare system. How many hours of NHS time are saved for every smoker who quits smoking and switches to vaping? Subsequently, multiply that by the estimated 4.5 million vapers in 2022 and is it truly in everyone’s best interest to implement such strict laws?

Vaping has drastically altered the lives of millions of people globally. Not just in the UK. Imposing such stringent rules, in what has been the most progressive country in terms of vaping cessation, appears to be a step backward.

Disposables are the problem! Tackle disposables and we will have our industry back in full strength. Putting the UK back in the driving seat when it comes to showing other countries how to tackle vaping laws. Please join us in completing the vaping consultation: https://consultations.dhsc.gov.uk/en/65201ed1f3410a69990d3081

On the positive side, Liquidable is proud of what has been achieved as an industry in the UK.
It was found last year that around one in eight (12.9%) of people aged 18 years and over in the UK smoked cigarettes – 6.4 million people. This is the lowest proportion of current smokers since data collection for the APS began in 2011.E-cigarette use has risen to 8.7% of adults, up from 7.7% in 2021.
In 2022 around 4.5 million people reported using an e-cigarette daily or occasionally.

Peter Hajek, professor of clinical psychology and director of health and lifestyle research unit at Queen Mary university of London described the findings as “good news”. Underlining that “E-cigarettes are not only helping smokers quit, they also deflect potential smokers away from cigarettes.”

https://www.medscape.co.uk/viewarticle/uk-smoking-rate-hits-historic-low-2023a1000kr4 – UK smoking rates hit historic low.