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Review of 2023: Another Year in Vape
Review of 2023 Another has passed. All to quickly for some and not quick enough for others. Now that the dust has settled after all the Christmas and New Year festivities, we wanted to take a look back over the last 12 months and do a review of 2023. Looking at what changed for us,...
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Disposable Vape Recycling - Shops have a responsibility
The Environmental Impact of Disposable Vapes The rise of disposable vapes has been meteoric, with a staggering five million units discarded weekly in the UK alone, marking a fourfold increase in just a year, according to research by Material Focus. Alarming as this figure is, even more concerning is the fact that only 17% of...
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Liquidable Christmas Dates 2023
Christmas Cut Off and Closing Dates Christmas is a busy time for us here at Liquidable. As always, we aim to keep our super quick lead time down to a minimum but our rolling average of 3 days, can increase a little. The minor increase will have minimal impact of White Label customers. With a...
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Prefilled Vape Pods: Advantages & Disadvantages
Understanding Prefilled Vape Pods: Advantages and Disadvantages The world of vaping has seen rapid evolution in recent years, with various devices and e-liquids catering to the preferences of different users. One popular choice among vaping enthusiasts is the prefilled vape pod system. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what prefilled vape pods are, their...
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Vaping to get tobacco style packaging restrictions?
Introduction The packaging of tobacco products has been subject to stringent regulations in the United Kingdom for many years. These restrictions aim to discourage smoking and promote public health by reducing the appeal of tobacco products. In recent years, vaping products have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional tobacco. However, their packaging regulations are...
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