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The UK Governments Smoking and Vaping Consultation is now love!
UK Smoking and Vaping consultation is now LIVE! The link below will take you to the vaping consultation submission form: https://consultations.dhsc.gov.uk/en/65201ed1f3410a69990d3081 How has your store been affected and how could it be affected if all of the proposals come in to play? Here are the proposals being consulted: restricting vape flavours regulating vape packaging and...
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UK Government Takes Bold Steps Towards a Smoke-Free Generation
Government’s Plan to Create a Smoke-Free Generation: How It Affects Vaping and What It Means for Our Children Introduction The UK government has taken a significant step towards creating a smoke-free generation by announcing a public consultation aimed at addressing the growing concern of youth vaping. In this blog post, we will explore the details...
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Starting Your Own Vape Brand Made Easy
The world of vaping is a thriving and dynamic industry, with countless opportunities for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to establish their own vape brands. However, starting your own vape brand can be quite daunting. As it involves various aspects such as manufacturing, branding, and compliance. This is where Liquidable steps in, offering a game-changing solution that...
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Chubby Gorilla Reducer Bottles - A Guide
Reducer Bottles: A New Way to Add Nic Shots Chubby Gorilla are well known in the vape industry and are often regarded as the market leaders, when it comes to bottle. Their brand new Reducer bottles offer a mess free way to add nic shots to shortfills. We are really pleased that we are one...
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Ban on Disposable Vapes UK
Is a Ban on Disposable Vapes a good thing for shops? Recent news stories have highlighted a potential ban on single-use disposable vapes in the UK, with the aim of curbing youth addiction to nicotine. These stories have sparked discussions about the implications of such a ban, especially for vape stores. In this blog post,...
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